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11 Thought Empowering Quotes from Richa Chaturvedi

In this modern day world, it is true that Motivation and Inspiration can come from anywhere but believe me it doesn’t come when we are in dire need of it. This is primarily because we get blind-folded when being scolded by the most strict teacher “LIFE”. This is the time you need the power from within and that will come only if you have infused it through your daily routine. Motivation gives us strength and encouragement to better navigate through our problems, but that will happen if you are regularly soaking your mind, body and soul into that kind of motivation. This is like building muscles so that one day you can win that challenge thrown to you by LIFE.

Here you go with the list of some of my most inspiring quotes ever. These quotes relate to you, your soul, your personality, work, love, family, relationships, resilience, perseverance, and friendship. If any of them catches your attention, note them down, and understand that that’s the area of your life that needs strength and healing right now. Read that quote da=ily till the time you feel it doesn’t motivate you anymore.

Life Quote 1
“Excellence is my way to carry out a task in my own style that no one can copy”

Life Quote 2
“Reinvention of oneself is an ongoing process, we can time this body but our soul is timeless”

Life Quote 3
“Each rock bottom we hit, Each Failure we taste, Each mistake we make – They teach us life lessons, that if we accept we excel or else we exile”

Life Quote 4
“Speak when it is required you to speak, Listen always as it helps you to reflect upon your character inside”

Life Quote 5
“Hitting a Roadblock, Reinvent yourself before a roadblock becomes a blocked road”

Life Quote 6
“Open Minded sees beyond the obvious but for close minded even the obvious is far fetched”

Life Quote 7
“Simplicity comes with a package of beautiful freebies, complications with a package of tensions”

Life Quote 8
“Opportunities are never knocking, rather you need to kick yourself to knock on an opportunity. That’s the game of human mindset”

Life Quote 9
“You are capable to showcase strength, even when you are at your low”

Life Quote 10
“Being a Significant figure is an amazing place to be, but when it becomes an addiction then that place starts to haunt you”

Life Quote 11
“LOWS OF LIFE will present its lessons only when YOU ARE READY TO BE LEARNER”

Kudos to your Empowerment!

Richa Chaturvedi

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