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21 Powerful Richa Chaturvedi Quotes on Life

Dear Sheroes,

Richa Chaturvedi is an Indian Women Empowerment Strategist and Life Coach, Founder EmpowHer, Teacher and Author who is helping women and young girls to unlock Success and Growth with her flagship program “Create Your Success and Design Your Destiny Masterclass”.

Check out these Richa Chaturvedi quotes on life and success as a Life Designer!

  1. “A SHERO is one with Deeper Instincts, with No self-Doubt, Tough to Shun the “Being Naive” Comments on her.”
  2. “Extent of Our Happiness depends upon How Healthy our Connections are.”
  3. Adaptability is a life skill – Your existence exists if you adapt to challenges”
  4. “Your inner connections create connections with the outside world, So connect inside to Radiate Outside!”
  5. “The biggest loss one can survive is the loss of your own self, yet you are termed as living”
  6. “High Expectations + No Direction + No Action = Resentment + Fear + Anger”
  7. “Resentment, Fear and Anger  are Demons and its best friends, ruining your present and existence”
  8. “Your Life is ruled by your aspirations and the possibilities lie in your hands!”
  9. Meditation – Wisdom knocking and kicking some invisible walls of complexities”
  10. “Look deep into the eyes of Nature, You will realise it is the biggest influencer on this planet”
  11. “The way you dress is the way you carry your confidence and that’s the way you address and are getting addressed”
  12. “Dress To show your Authority, Dress to up your Confidence Quotient, Dress to Success”
  13. I am a free willed Bird – Living in Faith of Light by embracing my existence through Darkness”
  14. “It is the darkness that let our vision see through the light in it”
  15. “With the onset of Pandemic and remote working, management asking for more team meetings seems like we are beating walls to turn them into passages!”
  16. TIME is GOLD! It is the only resource which you can’t get back. Once gone, it’s gone for forever! Invest wisely!!!”
  17. A boundary is an invisible gate between the responsible you and irresponsible someone. If you set them right you can save yourself from short circuit”
  18. Believe that you can and Thus, you shall!!”
  19. Habits are your identity, they define you, your goal, your present and future. They built YOU or Destroy YOU!”
  20. Habits are your personality Mirror, which is visible to others in a much louder way than it is to your own self”
  21. Books – A Pure Magic, An Insightful Friend, A Soulful Mentor! Every Book is a Journey within this Life’s Journey”

Which quote do you Resonate with?

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Richa Chaturvedi

About Author

Richa Chaturvedi is a Women Empowerment Strategist and Coach and the founder of EmpowHer. Her purpose is to Empower women to find their Identity, connect to their soul, unlock Abundance and attain success in both personal and professional life. She calls them Sheroes, because she feels they are their own heroes.
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