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3 Methods to Result Oriented Growth

“Principle of Growth follows the Principle of constant Actions “ – Richa Chaturvedi

The globe is going instant these days. No one wishes to keep patience, all we need is instant success, growth and results. To cater to the instant need to succeed, one has to take actions instantly. But here is a problem! People either do not want to take actions, or even if they do then they take actions but the actions are usually in the wrong direction. Imagine you want to see the Sunrise but looking at the sunset point. And then sit there to justify well at least I saw the Sun. The world wants to be empowered but really doesn’t know the right direction towards their empowerment. I have an instant method to take you towards the right direction where you can start to achieve growth and success. Let’s dive in –

👉🏻Method 1 – The 90-90-1 Rule to growth – I read this in Robin Sharma’s 5am Club book. Believe me, I found it really practical. Everything comes down to habits. Habits can form you or can destroy you. The 90-90-1 rule is a habit wherein you work towards your number 1 goal for 90 days continually for the first 90 minutes of the day. Growth lies in consistency! You grow when you make healthy habits towards taking actions, and taking them everyday. Growth follows the principle of acceleration and speed, so if you move so does your growth chart move.

👉🏻Method 2 – Awareness is Bliss – Awareness is a holistic term wherein you are aware about YOU, Your ENVIRONMENT, Your STIMULUS and above all Your WHY! Growth happens gradually with everyday improvements, steps and actions. These things will happen when you are in your aware state. Otherwise anything or everything you do is just sleepwalking, which isn’t growth but mindless actions not resulting into any growth.

👉🏻Method 3 – Commit to Improvement – Your strong willed commitment towards improvement can be a game changer towards your growth! Improvement is a multi-faceted action word which means that just working on any one aspect of life might not give you your desired results. You need to work upon all the aspects of your life. By just focusing on diet, you won’t become healthy. For becoming healthy you need to exercise, walk, and also meditate. When you work on different aspects, it is then you start to see the results.

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Kudos to your Empowerment!

Richa Chaturvedi

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