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All you need is LOVE

Relationship Goals

  • Take Responsibility: Its two of you who is responsible for your relationship to sustain and thrive and not anyone else. Relatives & friends are just like fillers. Understand the importance of each other and take that anchor in your hands

-Past is Past and not needed in Present: there is no point telling old stories in new way all the time . What has gone all bad , nasty memories need to be deleted. Focus on present and Together “your” future.

  • Trust: A thread which very fragile and requires constant Comfort. Focus on building a Connection rather than just talking.
    -Recognising each others efforts and understanding needs thereof

Its not that problems will not arise. Its when you have to identify the problems and give power and energy to the solutions.

With Lots of Love
Mrs. Iti Chaturvedi Pandey
Founder: Ace your relationship with Iti

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