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Are YOU a Fussy Mom?

Dear Sheroes,

Being A MOM!

Are YOU a Hands on Mommy? Are YOU a Fussy Mom? Do YOU feel the heat that there is so much to do and so little time and energy?

If any of this resonates with you, then this piece is for YOU MOM! I am a Teacher, Author, Womepreneur, LifeCoach and above all a Mother of a 4 Year old toddler. My hands are full, My Mind is cluttered with so much and then…. The list goes on for the whole day! Life always gives you more than you expect, want or demand. But all this leaves you with an Overwhelm!

Being a MOM can be exciting but can be challenging too! So how do we manage our work and life, so we can give necessary time to our kids. Let’s See the steps below – 

  1. Have Structure and Order – Being a Mom is a 247 job. This job can be done well if we are planned, structured and have systems in place. Prepare routines beforehand. Fix up your schedules and delegate some work to household help, so as to keep the things up and running even if you aren’t available.
  2. Household is like an Organisation – Run Like one – Yes homes are 247 factories, running continuously and you are in a position where you have to see the clogging kitchen and guests as well. Organisations have different specialists working so as to ensure the cycle is moving. So if the homes are also an organisation, then you need to hire some people to do some of the daily chores like cleaning, washing, tidying-up, and even cooking. This way you can supervise things and yet save your energy and time.
  3. Gamification – Yes plan your days and schedules like 3 steps in a level of a game. You win the level and move on to the next if you complete 3 tasks daily. They can be the same or different. But you need to focus on 3 tasks daily like a checklist. 
  4. Eat That FROG! – Phrase given by Brian Tracy and is just so apt. Do your most yucky tasks first in the morning so the day looks light after that and also it keeps the momentum going.
  5. Power Hour – Being a MOM requires a lot of energy, where to recoup this energy from? Well! from inside. You need to assign an hour for yourself without any disturbance. This hour you do what you like the most: meditation, exercising, manicure-pedicure, reading, listening to music, dancing or rather just sleeping. This hour is power packed, use it to your advantage.
  6. Become an Online Shopper – I understand MOMs are sometimes fussy about buying things, especially if it is for kids. But it is important that you save your time and energy from the draining activities. Put a schedule for this as well, Like I keep a pen and a pad handy with me where I insert what all things need to be bought in a week. Then on Saturday I use any of the grocery or staple apps and just order in one go. This saves my energy, time and money due to the discounts. Above all keeps my home up and running continuously.

Hope these hacks help you to become a Hands on Mommy who has time and energy to invest with Kids and not on daily chores which can be delegated. 

Do share your views and comments.

Kudos to your Empowerment!

Richa Chaturvedi

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