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Burnout – A 3 Faced Demon!

“Burnout – Dysfunctional state of not being human” – Richa Chaturvedi

Burnout is a state of exhaustion wherein your mind, body and soul starts to give up. Why do we give up? Basically 2 reasons –

Not considering oneself as human for long and working like machines.
Working in a dysfunctional environment for long

Burnout can be at an intense level too wherein for years you feel paralysed for not being able to move / grow, make decisions and general fatigue. But for years we are clueless about how to overcome this vicious circle and move straight towards our goals. Burnout is basically a 3 faced demon who holds you at 3 vital levels to an extent where you start to give and agree to get caged. Let us figure out the 3 faces of this demon –

👉🏻Face 1 – Mental Burnout – State of giving power to others – Let us understand we all have huge responsibilities related to our professional front, household, community and inter-personal. We all are always juggling to strike a balance, but ironically we are always off-balance or rather far beyond the state of balance. Biggest reason is how our brain has been conditioned since childhood! We are conditioned to ask for permission in whatever we do like “Ma’am May I use the restroom”; “Mumma can I go out to play with xyz”; “Brother can I take your video game”. From small little things in childhood to big things in adulthood, we all are seeking approvals and permissions. In this process of seeking permission we tend to give away the power to someone else. We forget who we are, what is our goal and how important that can be for us. But while seeking we demean this importance of self and our decisions, give the key to external beings who may not be as passionate about your things as you may be. So if they say no, your whole enthusiasm goes and starts to feel stuck, caged and dysfunctional leading to Mental Burnout as you aren’t able to do what you wanted and thus trying to give arguments inside to suppress your own emotional connection to your passion. Or if you still do without permission, you are always in a state of fear. What if I fail? And again leading to mental burnout.

👉🏻Face 2 – Spiritual Burnout – State of Non-Alignment with your Life Purpose – Spiritual Alignment is a state of following your passion, life purpose or a career path that you feel you are meant to pursue. A state of non-alignment originates when we are not pursuing what we feel passionate about. This drains us of our energy and we start to experience Monday Blues on all days of the week. State of lethargy and lost enthusiasm is a result of non-alignment. External voices and opinions clog our brain to an extent that we are in total disconnect with our own soul and universe resulting in general loss of interest in almost every aspect of our life. And then we are the ones who complain that there’s nothing left in this life now!!!

👉🏻Face 3 – Physical Burnout – State of ignoring oneself – Treating oneself as machines is a common human tendency, all the more with women though. We slog through household chores, kids management, time management and professional commitments. This leads to basically no time for fun, self-care and love. This results in feeling tired and exhausted almost every minute of the day. Slogging through the days and nights, dragging through schedules takes away the spark and leads to physical wear and tear. The biggest reason why you fall sick often. Even Machines need a cooling time and maintenance shut-down. Don’t you think you too deserve to treat yourself as human?

It’s time to identify with the deep rooted 3 faces of this demon inside you, who is working against you. How? By reconnecting with your inner child like a soul who is desperate to be let out. This will help you get back to the most energised, happiest, non-burnt-out version of yourself.

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Kudos to your Empowerment!

Richa Chaturvedi

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