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Challenges of A Working Women (Part 3 of 5) – How to make Decisions and Respect Them?

Dear Sheroes,

Challenges of A Working Women (Part 3 of 5) – How to make Decisions and Respect Them?

“Women’s hardest decision is that she’ll start to make her own decisions and respect them as she made them despite all odds” – Richa Chaturvedi

When I was a young girl of 16, I started to feel the Autonomy from inside, that I am incharge of myself and that I can make my own decisions. It was the first blow to my confidence when I was told no you are just a kid to make any decisions. You will do what we’ll instruct you to. Well I was too tender to fight so I was submissive despite the voice inside.

I was 18 when I decided what’s my calling as a career, but again people said you are too young to decide. So I didn’t fight because I was fighting inside with doubt.

I was 24, wanted to explore new places and job. But still I was too young to decide for career and marriage but big enough to get married was to my surprise. Yet again shattered inside I surrendered despite the voices inside.

I am 35 today, Guess what I am too naive to decide, because I never took to decide. So other’s are guarding me by taking my decisions regardless of knowing what I want from my life.

These are just few instances of my life, your life, all young girls and Women’s in life. This isn’t only ME, I know it is You in me!!!

Women face this everyday, people question their sensibilities at display. Women please start to feel your identity. I know you have lost yourself, your confidence and esteem along the life instances of varied external sabotages. And right filled with internal doubt, fears and resistances. You stand ti wonder “I don’t have it in me”. But I want to remind you that you are a women who is a warrior. You just can’t give up. So stand-up and affirm –

  1. I am incharge of Myself!
  2. I am prudent enough to decide!
  3. I respect my decisions because I respect myself!
  4. I evaluate my choices and then decide!
  5. My choices are right!
  6. I am mindful of the impacts of my decisions!
  7. I decide that I’ll decide for myself despite all odds!!!

“You are A warrior Princess, they don’t ask what they decide… They announce what they decide” – Richa Chaturvedi

Are you ready to decide that you’ll decide for yourself?

Your thoughts please!

Richa Chaturvedi

About Author

Richa Chaturvedi is a Women Empowerment Strategist and Coach and the founder of EmpowHer. Her purpose is to Empower women to find their Identity, connect to their soul, unlock Abundance and attain success in both personal and professional life. She calls them Sheroes, because she feels they are their own heroes.
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