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Dark Motivation!

“Your dreams turn to reality superfast with a touch of Dark Emotions and Motivations” – Richa Chaturvedi

Human mind is a complex unit, you really don’t know what exactly motivates you to do better. It can sometimes be good things and a good life. But many times it is DARK EMOTIONS like “The J-Factor” aka Jealousy, “The C-Complex” aka Comparison and “The I-Phenomena” aka Insecurities. Our dreams, ambitions and desires just get an instant kick start with a single touch of any of these or all of these DARK EMOTIONS. Now just imagine yourself sitting and chilling on a Friday night. You open your social media account and suddenly see something from a friend or neighbour about a great thing they achieved or bought a luxury car or just something possibly you dream to achieve but really couldn’t achieve all this while. This triggers a sense of complexity in your mind, it feels as if something had hit you hard and this hard thing makes you move to take action and suddenly from being in a chilled out state you turn to Grilling state. You start to grill yourself to figure out how you can actually reach out to that level of success, growth and fortune. This is what I call DARK MOTIVATION.

Dark Motivation originates out of negative feelings, where you wish to improve and become better out of negative emotions of jealousy, complexity and insecurity. Your state of subconscious suddenly starts to decide so as to make you better and above make you feel better. It is a powerful way to motivate because it just gives you a jumpstart with unlimited energy to vent out but through constructive actions. Suddenly you will update your resume, clean the whole house, look for new opportunities etc… Basically you have intense power to even create a Chandrayan… (Ok LOL Alert)

We all humans are bound to go through this at least once in our lifetime. But the question here is how to take advantage of this powerful state in a safer way? Check it out –

Know that DARK EMOTIONS are too spicy, use it in moderate quantities. Overdosage can be harmful for your mental state. As this will either take you into depression or you’ll be exhausting yourself to the level of fatigue.
DARK EMOTIONS are instant kick starters but they aren’t a fully charged car battery. They can give you fuel to start off immediately but can’t keep you going. So when you need that hard start, use these emotions to leverage as an add-on.
Accomplishments of the task is the main motive towards using DARK MOTIVATIONS. Use them to your advantage and once done let that emotion go. Do not hold on to them as they might ruin your success.
Learn to practise SELF-CONTROL, because with dark motivations there are chances of crashing down as well.

With control over your mind, thoughts and soul you can actually create energy using negative emotions to take you ahead instead of pulling you back. Remember Control and Clarity is the key to using these emotions to your advantage.
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Kudos to your Empowerment!

Richa Chaturvedi

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