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Embracing Victimhood – How to Overcome?

Richa Chaturvedi

What is Victimhood?

Victimhood is a state of your mind where you feel disregarded for your efforts, you feel cheated, you feel people should apologise to you and above all when you start to feel pity for yourself.

How does it impact you?

Victimhood is a serious issue, Why? Well! Because you start to embrace a pity state of mind, your sufferings, you are always into a vicious web of thinking negatively and that life is too unfair to you. So when you are 24/7 thinking negatively, negativity increases multifold not just in your thoughts but in reality too. This state is an enemy to growth and success. And believe me you are even losing out on your maturity and wisdom.

How to overcome Victimhood Mentality?

Follow the following steps –

Negativity shrinks with positive thinking – Your thoughts define you and your reality. So if you think negatively all the time, things will be negative but if you embrace the positive mindset by focusing upon what you have rather than what you lost, positivity will bring in more peace and happiness for you. This is my favourite mantra.

Happiness is a relative concept as Negativity can be bigger in magnitude – Unfortunate incidents and bad life experiences are part and parcel of everyone’s life. Here you need to understand that the negative incident could have been all the more worse, it is still not coming with the highest magnitude. Focus upon Happiness which is a relative concept, which means since things didn’t go that worse hence, I am in a happy state. Cribbing or grumbling won’t serve any purpose but smiling and a positive outlook can bring breakthroughs.

Happiness strengthens relationships – Happiness is contagious, and as you embrace this state of mind you not only become more appreciative of others but als start to embrace the bond that you share or create hence taking relationships to a deeper level.

Don’t Expect, rather Accept – Accept that people will make mistakes, that they will be ungrateful, that they will forget what good you did to them and that they will show less gratitude. Acceptance can help you see the beauty in them rather than the beast in them and then introducing it to your system.

1 Success comes post 100 failures – Success and failures have a ratio of 1:100, which means 1 success comes to you post 100 failures. Embrace this ratio rather than cribbing because you got 100 chances to become better and embrace a new learning. Stop feeling that life is unfair, that’s the equation the whole universe is following.

Present is a present – Today is what you have for sure, past is bygone and future is unsure. But what you do in this present moment will decide what presents you are unlocking for yourself.

Stop worrying and start working – That’s a mindset you need to cultivate everyday. Worrying won’t give you results rather kill the most precious gift of life i.e. the present moment. Start working towards what you want to achieve and you shall congreve.

Everything is a mindset, if you embrace goodness, you’ll experience goodness. But if you see bad and behave like a victim, you’ll remain a victim.

Comment below, What’s stopping you from breaking through the Victimhood mindset?

Kudos to your Empowerment!

Richa Chaturvedi

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