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Fearing Confrontation?

“Confrontations – your way to deal with some immaturity with maturity“ – Richa Chaturvedi

Confrontation can be a state of disagreement of ideas and opinions. But here the problem isn’t about the meaning but about the execution!

We all have been in that tight spot where we fear of being confronted or to confront someone when things have been going haywire. That situation where we are thinking almost endlessly about whether to confront or not, where we fear that if we open our mouth and might get snapped there with immense humiliation and embarrassment and hence we do all sorts of things TO AVOID being into CONFRONTING SCENARIOS.

We dread that uncomfortable conversation just to avoid conflict or face-off but then we start a war inside that ruins the relationship in the long-run! Here I want to tell you that CONFRONTATION IS HEALTHY! Here is how you can approach it –

👉🏻Disassociate with Negativity around Confrontation – Whenever we feel that we are in that spot where we need to confront we get into a zone of negativity where we think more about win-lose situation, more than conversation we think about arguments and counter- arguments and most importantly when we think of shaming and blaming more then RESOLUTION. Disassociating with this negativity can help in starting the conversation at a healthy and positive note with an open mind that the words exchanged can take this to any direction and that we are compassionate about finding solutions more than being in a disastrous situation!

👉🏻Share with humour😁 while confronting too – Humour goes a long way in maintaining the harmony of any relationship despite being into a tight spot. It helps in releasing the stress and anxiety around the conversation, lightens your mood and helps you convey your message or discuss in a better way. This also creates a stronger path of intimacy wherein you are conveying a sense of belonging and intimacy too with intense difference of opinions. It also helps you to maintain the energy drain outs through the conversation and slip-ins into the zone of negativity!

👉🏻Keep at bay your People Pleasing attitude 🫣 – We all have been brought up with this convention that instead of saying something conflicting we should always keep our mouth shut! So with this we have developed an attitude of BEING NICE and thus do not open our mouths to open our arms towards acceptance and thus start a war within that the counter person is not aware but might go through a brunt just abruptly one day. So instead of being a people pleaser and suddenly a teaser one fine day, it is always a good idea to share small bytes of disagreements today in context. This will help you build the relationship with all the more trust and codependency!

Confronting on a positive note is an art one should master to share a never ending bond with fellow people around! Art can’t be learnt in one day but you become better with practice everyday!!!

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Kudos to your Empowerment!

Richa Chaturvedi

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