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Gossip – A Poisonous Coach-whip

Dear Sheroes,

Gossip – A Poisonous Coachwhip

“Gossip, A venomous act of a devil in you” – Richa Chaturvedi

One of the common way of making friends at workplace or any social gathering is Gossip. People eyes are looking at you and seems literally saying “Show ne what Juices you got baby”. People want so much spices in talks that they really don’t worry about their standards going down.

If you feel ashamed to say things in front of a person, then believe me you are falling for this poison.

I think it happens with all of us, that we get carried away when in conversation and say things which we shouldn’t even think. And then when we give it a thought we repent and regret. There’s a heaviness in our heart. Gossip isn’t a relationship builder but a devilish destroyer.

Reasons why you shouldn’t engage in Gossip-

1. Trust breaker – People resort to those who keep the trust. But with Gossip that’s the first thing which is murdered brutally.

2. Reputation destroyer- Imagine the years you and your friends would have taken to make an image. With one act of Gossip you aren’t just destroying your Reputation but also your friends.

3. Gossip generates Negative energy, which impacts your aura. And it takes a lot to destroy that Negative ring.

“Think before you speak, Your words are your Wisdom!” – Richa Chaturvedi

Do share your comments and views.

Kudos to your Empowerment!

Richa Chaturvedi

About Author

Richa Chaturvedi is a Women Empowerment Strategist and Coach and the founder of EmpowHer. Her purpose is to Empower women to find their Identity, connect to their soul, unlock Abundance and attain success in both personal and professional life. She calls them Sheroes, because she feels they are their own heroes.
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