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High Expectations + No Direction + No Action = Resentment + Fear + Anger

Dear Sheroes,

High Expectations + No Direction + No Action = Resentment + Fear + Anger

“Resentment, Fear and Anger are Demons and its best friends, ruining your present and existence” – Richa Chaturvedi

RESENTMENT is a typical state of mind when you are swallowing poisonous ANGER in your present, cultivating the FEAR of the unknown in the future over what happened in the past. It is your inability of “NOT LETTING IT GO” and expecting that the people around you will understand. It is a state of mind when you do not feel contentment, happiness, joy and gratitude. It is a warning sign you are feeding acids to your brain and heart.

Let’s understand this equation – You set high expectations from someone or about something ——–> You Don’t Communicate them well or Don’t give clarity to what is expected ———> No action taken by either parties because you didn’t communicate and the other person isn’t aware. The series of these events fill your heart with ANGER in the present over things not done as per your expectations in the past and now you only develop the anxious FEAR around your future. But here the worst thing, you have gone so far off, but the person in front of you is still not aware what needs to be done, how, when and why? Only thing they are wondering is What is wrong with you? It is like you are consuming poison and now expecting the person in front of you to get killed with this poison. How is it even possible?

What is the Solution? Follow 4 Basic Steps –

1. Communicate – Communication is the key to all your worries, voes and expectations. State clearly what it is that you want, give clarity and direction by communicating it well.

2. Face Your FEARS – Do not ignore or lock your resentments and fears in a black box. Face them gracefully so that they can be solved gradually. Know what they are and why they are the way they are? Fill your Heart, Mind and Soul with FAITH to deal with FEAR.

3. Feel Them to Heal Them – Feel your PAIN, ANGER and FRUSTRATIONS, so as to heal them through their root. Learn to deal with them one by one so as to remove the toxins and acids from your system towards being in a healthy frame of mind. Fill your Heart, Mind and Soul with LOVE to deal with these feelings.

4. Start the process to overcome Resentment – They are deep rooted that faking up or ignoring will not help. So Start the process of ACCEPTANCE, so that you can heal. LET GO YOUR RESENTMENTS. You can’t hold on to grudges for your life. Accept and Move On.

It is a process which needs to be dealt with at every level which will require tremendous courage and will power at your end and hence, I call it an “ACTIVE TRANSFORMATION PROCESS”!

Do share your views and experiences!!

Kudos to your Empowerment!

Richa Chaturvedi

About Author

Richa Chaturvedi is a Women Empowerment Strategist and Coach and the founder of EmpowHer. Her purpose is to Empower women to find their Identity, connect to their soul, unlock Abundance and attain success in both personal and professional life. She calls them Sheroes, because she feels they are their own heroes.
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