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How to Build a Queendom?

“My Soul is Royal and Attitude is My Crown” – Richa Chaturvedi

We all have played the game of chess and have realised the power of a Queen who becomes the saviour to the King and to the whole game. Being a Queen is a default setting to all women. We are SHEROES of our own life. We do not need Kings to build a Kingdom for us, rather we are prudent to build a QUEENDOM and keep the kings safe (Attitude Alert).

The only problem here is, we women do not realise our potential and somewhere lose ourselves completely. But here I want all the women out there, YOU are WORTH, YOU are BEAUTIFUL no matter what age, size, colour you belong to, YOUR SOUL is ROYAL!!!

Let us today dive in to understanding of how to create our own QUEENDOM –

👉🏻Step 1 – Have a Life Purpose – Your Life Purpose is your survival! Queens can safeguard the boundaries of a territory when they are aware of their own life purpose. Being a Queen, you are born to rule, your life purpose will give you strength to stand like a warrior and fight like a ninja. Consider that’s the only way to survive!

👉🏻Step 2 – Failure is Success – You might fail 9 out of 10 times, but you know what, your strength lies in never giving up. Always standing again to fight back and this time a little harder since you have fine tuned your skill set with every failure. Evolution happens when you go through revolutions inside. Fail to Evolve towards your Queendom!

👉🏻Step 3 – Focus – Focus is your jewel! Like Lions focus on their prey and other lions to safeguard their pride. Your focus should always be on your life purpose. Nothing can deviate you from your purpose, life may slow down but it will never stop.

👉🏻Step 4 – Pack has a strength – Collaboration is the key to success. Collaborate towards new learnings, new challenges and new beginnings.

👉🏻Step 5 – You are a Tigress – Have the attitude of a Tigress, won’t harm anyone without purpose, but if you infiltrate, then won’t leave you either. Women by default have natural instincts to stand strong if something comes in the way of their family. Similarly stand for yourself and your purpose.

👉🏻Step 6 – Have Fun – Life lies in this moment, no matter what challenges you face, always wear that smile and keep your “AWEZING” spirit high (Awesome + Amazing = AWEZING). Leave your stress and worries aside, just live this moment of divine. With a calmer mind you are all the more Shrine.

How will you become a QUEEN in your everyday life? Comment below!

Kudos to your Empowerment!

Love 💖
Richa Chaturvedi

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