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How to handle Arguments in a Healthy Relationship

Stabilising Communication in Relationship

Do you also argue with each other and don’t know how to handle that communication?

Don’t worry, its not science! Its emotions. Its natural to vent out in front of your partner but its also important to know the thin line as well else crossing that might create a destruction.

Three Important ways to deal with Arguments and stabilising Communication:

  • Calm yourself and the partner if there is an argument
  • Understand that the issue lies not with the person but with the situation, habit etc and that eventually can be changed

-When in arguments, always keep in mind the most heavy word”RESPECT”. This is often overlooked but if taken care of , you will always land in win-win situation

Accepting that a issue persists is a powerful thing. Never back off from arguments they also strengthen your relationship. If things go worse, take a step back , gather yourself and then talk it out. Not all conversation needs to be done at that moment.

Argument is a positive word if taken in right frame of mindset
Mrs. Iti Chaturvedi Pandey

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