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How to make the Invisible (Aspiration, Ideas and Goals) Visible?

“My Invisible aspirations, desires and ideas may look like wishful thinking, but the force I put in makes them visible” – Richa Chaturvedi

Remember a time when you saw something like a brand new car with someone and thought of “I wish I could own that” and in the very next moment you just gave a shut-up call to yourself, “Ah! Forget it, you just can’t achieve it”. 

Many of our desires, aspirations, dreams and reality just stay part of our wishful thinking followed by a shut-up call. There are very of these ideas that make their way to be part of our reality and become visible truths. Problem isn’t our related to our capacities and potentials, we all have unlimited power to make our desires our reality. Problem here is that we don’t know our capacities or rather don’t trust our potentials. State of being UNAWARE and NOT BELIEVING IN ONESELF is the main culprit behind our desires staying at the level of desires only.

Today with this article I am going to break the vicious cycle of wishful thinking and take you to a journey of how you can actually create your destiny by making the invisible visible and part of your reality today, tomorrow and everyday!!!

Let us begin by opening our wings of Mind, Body and Soul – 

ZONE 1 – THE INVISIBLES – Our personalities in itself has got loads of hidden gems, which apparently we aren’t aware of. And because we aren’t aware, so we do not capitalise upon them at all. They are totally non-existent for us until one day when get awestruck by our capacities either by accident or when someone tries to show us the mirror. It is this moment that we move and realise the existence of something that was invisible to us. But irony, MY NON-ACCEPTANCE, my brain is not acknowledging it yet, so it is just moving the new truths into ZONE 2 – THE IMPOSSIBLE.

ZONE 2 – THE IMPOSSIBLE – Zone of shunning our own capacities and not accepting we we got in us. Here we try to just categorise our desires as IMPOSSIBLES by adding ifs and buts to it and subsequently categorising it as wishful thinking. We don’t want to accept the new truths. We always have a thought and then another thought that says that you can’t do, you do not have it in you, you do not hold that kind of resources to make that true. And since we are so tuned to our comfort zones, we quickly agree to what the second thought says to us. Thus, shutting the doors of wisdom yet again towards making THE INVISIBLE. But what if you accept new information and would like to give it a try, then you move from ZONE 2 to ZONE 3 – THE POSSIBLE.

ZONE 3 – THE POSSIBLE – When we shift from stagnant to growth mindset and start to say ok let us try, it is then that we make our invisible aspirations which were impossible to us into contemplation mode of Possibles! You start to think that it might be possible for you and that you might have that kind of skill set to take your aspirations to next level. YOU have conquered the most powerful DEMON inside YOU – Demon of RESISTANCE and now you are moving some cheese to ZONE 4 – THE PROBABLE.

ZONE 4 – THE PROBABLE – A state of figuring out where do you stand today and where do you want to reach and gauge the gap. This gap analysis, will help you to know what resources or skill-set you might require up your level towards making your aspirations a reality. Here you start to think about wha, why and How’s of your desires. A word of caution here, this zone can take longer than you might think because what you want to achieve will happen if you spend good quality time, effort and resources at this stage. This is again a zone where impatience can take you back on the cycle towards IMPOSSIBLE and subsequently INVISIBLE. This is a state where your GUT and GRIT both will be tested. Let yourself go through the hardships so you pass the test of time with flying colors. If you are persistent through this ZONE, then you enter the final ZONE 5 – THE VISIBLE.

ZONE 5 – THE VISIBLE – Zone where your dreams are your reality, they are visible to you and your friends and family as well. This is a zone where your dreams are tangible and are satisfying 5 senses. This is your zone of SUCCESS. This will happen only when you have confidence in your capabilities, stay committed, consistent, persistent all through the cycle up the hill and that you do not backtrack your aspirations. This is your time to celebrate your wins, because what was once invisible you have chiseled it into your reality.

This is like an uphill drive, where you need to peddle hard and every next peddle will be harder than the previous one. But if you stop you will speedily go down the hill.

But if you know and understand this phenomena, then you know that giving up isn’t an option but (a disclaimer here) failing of-course is an option!!!

What views do you have?

Kudos to your Empowerment!

Richa Chaturvedi

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