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Lows of Life are Life’s greatest teachers

“Each rock bottom we hit, Each Failure we taste, Each mistake we make – They teach us life lessons, that if we accept we excel or else we exile” – Richa Chaturvedi

In the last 13 years of my Teaching and Life coaching journey, I have seen many people who wish to change, change for their betterment but somewhere don’t take actions today towards those anticipated or desired changes. Thus, feels stagnant or trapped over a period of time. The biggest reason behind this pattern is not inability to take action but inability to commit to action.

Here, there are two perspectives – 

👉🏻Person intending or pretending to change themselves.

👉🏻Person who intends to change the other.

Let us understand these perspectives a little closely – 

Perspective 1 – Person intending or pretending to change themselves
We all are of this sort somewhere or the other. Remember those New Year resolutions. What have you done about them? Now I think you do resonate with this perspective. We all, somewhere or the other fall under this perspective. We Intend or pretend but never change. We remain because the desire to remain is higher than the desire to change. We tend to remain in our pit of problems because we aren’t taking actions to come out rather we are just cribbing about them and justifying why we are in there.

Here, I request you to consider this –

👉🏻You change when you start to feel suffocated in there. Nobody can change you. I repeat NOBODY, not even YOU Yourself can change you until you take responsibility. People can offer help but can’t undertake your journey no matter how connected they may feel.

Perspective 2 – Person who intends to change the other
We all have a cohort of people who intend to change you, because they feel you are not upto the mark as per their standards and that it is important to elevate you, your personality, and thinking process irrespective of the fact whether you intend to change or change as per their standards. This will leave both the parties at crossroads wherein the success of change and remain is both 50-50. Either the person will change or else will take the initiator down to their drain. 

Here, I request you to consider two things – 

👉🏻I know you are passionate about making worthwhile change happen, but please stay practical rather than being emotional and qualify the person with whom you wish to invest your efforts, energy and time.

👉🏻Secondly, If a person isn’t committed enough to get out of their pitt, then it is important that you dutifully leave them there and move on to someone who desires for your help. Do not waste Time, Effort and Energy on those who don’t value it. Rather invest in those who long for your support.

Whatever may be the perspective or scenarios – ROCK BOTTOMS or LOWS of Life teaches us many things like –

👉🏻When to invest in oneself or other?

👉🏻When do you know that it’s high time to ellevate?

👉🏻When to change?

👉🏻When to remain?

“LOWS OF LIFE will present its lessons only when YOU ARE READY TO BE LEARNER” – Richa Chaturvedi

Which Learning of Life are you ready to take upon?

Comment below!

Kudos to your Empowerment!

Richa Chaturvedi

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