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Practice towards Excellence

“Excellence is your unique pug mark that shows your impressions added to the world’s experiences.“ – Richa Chaturvedi

“Equation of Excellence = Excel + Lens” – Richa Chaturvedi

Put your unique lens that has your unique vision and excel that trait of your business. That’s what excellence is. Practices to excellence are the acts that you do daily to master your trait and Excellence is the way you showcase it to the world on that D-Day. Practising on the home ground prepares you for your final matches on that stadium grounds. So the quality of your game shows the quality of your practice you did everyday and every moment before that final moment.

So what practices do you need to inculcate in you and your success routines?

100% Effort – Yes your efforts define the quality of your game. How much effort are you investing into yourself and your traits towards becoming better everyday? Perfection is a myth, but excellence is our reality which can be attained with the efforts you invest. 100% efforts your 100% commitment and 100% consistency. Repeated mistakes time and again need to be addressed immediately, because those mistakes show inconsistent efforts and lack in your commitment.

Strength – Strength refers to both mental and physical ability to commit to your trait every day. Strength can be showcased with your tough attitude and demanding attribute. You yourself are demanding more time, effort, consistency and commitment towards your trait and that will help you hone your trait towards excellence. Strength can be seen in the way we endure through tough situations. They may not be easy times but our carriage helps us come out as a winner.

Habituation – Excellence is not different ways of doing things, excellence is but doing things consistently again and again and again. It is more about your habit which you inculcated through the art of repetition and not by trying differently. The more the trait is part of the subconscious, the more it will come to you naturally and it will be part of the subconscious when you repeat it till it is your habit.

Processes – Processes are the way you perform, your methods, techniques and systems. Practices become great when you do them in an organised way. And you do them in an organised way when you have your methods and systems in place to navigate through your practice routine with complete ease.

“Excellence is my way to carry out a task in my own style that no one can copy” – Richa Chaturvedi

Kudos to your Empowerment!

Richa Chaturvedi

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