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Read To Lead!

“Reading is experiencing the world without moving from your couch” – Richa Chaturvedi

Reading books is a habit that needs to be inculcated and it can be inculcated at any age.

But here I want to ask you a few questions…
Do you read books? Yes or NO?
Yes! – Then you are having wisdom by your side!
No! – Well! I guess you are just too busy??? BUT,

Are you busier than Bill Gates or Tony Robbins or Gaur Gopal Das? Yes or NO?
Yes! – Then I am sure you are Next to Mukesh Ambani!
No!- Then why don’t you have time to read???

Now you must be wondering why am I asking such hard hitting questions? There are 2 reasons to it –

Until something doesn’t hit us hard, We don’t want to change our behaviour.
Reading is a habit that can make you a leader…

If people like Bill Gates can take out time to read then I am sure we too can do the same. It is more about the priorities we make rather than the busy schedule in itself. Read my former article stating the reasons why you should read a book –

Today I’ll discuss how you can actually inculcate this habit towards becoming a leader in any domain of your life…

Use digital freedom – We all are digitally sound these days. Almost all are surrounded by gadgets connected to the internet. We should use this freedom and availability to our advantage. Whenever sitting idle, at home, on the bus or just in a coffee shop – READ – READ – READ! It is seriously easy to access E-paper, Website blogs and articles.

Interact to Discuss with nearby Minds – We all are surrounded by many intellectual minds. Discuss with them what you read. This will help you in creating new understanding, deeper depth of concepts and perspectives.

Book to Rescue – Carry your favourite book or any book for that matter that can come to your rescue when boredom strikes you. Believe me convenience helps in building and strengthening the habit.

Dedicated hour – Dedication is required everywhere! So if you wish to lead then book a slot in your day to read. Literally like you are booking an appointment with your client. That book is your client who is there to upgrade your game.

Reading should be an enjoyable activity and not an activity which is done for the sake of reading. Human mind creates an aversion to the activity which isn’t done out of interest but with a virtue of “HAVE TO”.

Reading a book can change you, your perspectives, beliefs, values and your complete life!!!

“Books – A Pure Magic, An Insightful Friend, A Soulful Mentor! Every Book is a Journey within this Life’s Journey” – Richa Chaturvedi

Did you like this new understanding? Comment Yes or No below!

Kudos to your Empowerment!

Richa Chaturvedi

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