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Secret Sabotages – Are a Demon!

“Exploring self is the highest order of excellence towards exploring the universe” – Richa Chaturvedi
We all have been in the spot where some hours of the day are just not so productive, to some days, weeks and months. We just slip into the pit of not being able to perform every now and then and this becomes a spiral, as we try to move up something strikes and we go down. Then the exercise to pull up starts all over again and it takes all the more strength from within because now we know this drill even more closely.
We all are aware of this pattern and behaviour, but what we really don’t know is the reason behind this pattern and how do we stop this pattern. Our brain is conditioned to behave in a certain way under stress and thus creates a similar spiral and since we are unaware of this we just give in there easily. These patterns with every such spiral node become strong to be repeated and time and again become destructive to our life goals, careers and aspirations. I call these patterns the DEMONS inside you. You really don’t know how these DEMONS strike until they do but by then you are already being caged by them. They are your SECRET SABOTAGES, that sabotage your complete identity to an extent that they do not let you achieve abundance.
Let’s name these DEMONS and Shame them to weaken them, so as to move a step ahead to break these patterns of our brain –
👉🏻Blaming Demon – You are complaining and blaming others or situations for all the wrong things happening in your life. Blame games can help you lower your guilt at this moment but actually ruin your possibilities in the long run.
👉🏻Defensive Demon – Making excuses and explanations for almost everything won’t serve the long-term purpose. This will break trust ties within you and outside you as well.
👉🏻Critical Demon – Being critical to others and oneself is basic human nature, but then being critical for almost everything will lead you to a total disconnect within and with others too. Finding problems is good but with everything won’t give you solutions and you are always being left with problems.
👉🏻I am not enough Demon – You are always underestimating yourself, your capacities and potentials. So you slip in the pit every now and then. You underestimate that you can handle problems or stress or any other challenge.
🏹What should you do?
⛳Take Onus, of yourself, your situations and navigate through. Do Not Give Up!
⛳Acknowledge the demon working inside to stop the spiral patterns of your brain.
⛳Replace your current behaviour new pattern like –
👉🏻Instead of being a complainer, figure out the good things and reframe the situation in your mind to see new possibilities. ELEVATION OF MINDSET!
👉🏻ASK quality questions to stop being on the defensive side.
Criticality comes with inaction. So take ACTIONS right away to put criticality at bay.
👉🏻EMBRACE your natural flair of handling situations. Always remind oneself that you have this and you can do this.
⛳Put POWER WORDS everywhere your vision goes. This will help in reinforcing new patterns.
Your internal strength, determination with a new positive pattern can lock your success!
“To Err is human, but keep Erring is being a DEMON” – Richa Chaturvedi
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Kudos to your Empowerment!

Richa Chaturvedi

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