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Significance Trap – Are You Stuck in there?

“Being a Significant figure is an amazing place to be, but when it becomes an addiction then that place starts to haunt you” – Richa Chaturvedi

Everyone on this earth wants to be someone who is deemed to be considered as significant, see the Bollywood Stars, politicians, Instagram and Tik Tok influencers… look at everyone around you and now look inside you – Did you find yourself to be standing in that line too. Well! We all, yes technically all are somewhere or the other being trapped in the significance trap, right from childhood when we are comparing our toys and dresses to adolescent when we compare grades and toy friends (We really don’t care about their feeling, we are just together for the heck of it) to adulthood when we compare job positions, salaries etc… We make people around us as trophies and start to treat ourselves as trophies too. Too pricey and too unique. We are always in this rat race to compete and become a significant figure, but we forget that this rat race is an endless game which we start to play but we are never going to stop during our lifetime and will be passing this trap to generations too. 

Ok here I am not saying that becoming a significant figure is a bad thing. No, not at all but overdoing it out of fear, comparison, jealousy from others then of course it is a bad thing. You wish to become significant, then carve your own journey where you compete with yourself towards becoming a better version of yourself. You come from a place of satisfaction and not anxiety. Let’s figure out –

👉🏻It is easy to say that these stars who have accomplished so much are extra-ordinary people, but that isn’t true, rather they are the ones who are ordinary people who have known themselves a little better. They know their strengths and weaknesses. So they start to capitalise on their strengths and start to form a team who can handle their weak areas. You too can do this. “KNOW THYSELF”

👉🏻It is easy to say I want to become great, but greatness comes with great commitment, clarity, consistency and courage. You ought to become great and start working on great progress which comes from within and not from an external environment.

👉🏻It is easy to say that I have achieved this solely. Believe that isn’t true, there is a team working behind you may be as direct facilitators whom you have hired or indirect facilitators in the form of your family and friends. Never get too PRIDEGOIST (Pride+Egoist) that you don’t see this significant investment done by your team towards your journey, successes and achievements.

👉🏻Your Vision will be called as a vision when you see beyond your vision. For that you need a teacher or a mentor. Never undermine the need for the same.

You can save yourself from this SIGNIFICANCE TRAP when you start to know yourself – who you are at the core, your values and beliefs, your strengths and weaknesses. Once you start to reflect inside you start to radiate outside. That is what I call as “Being a Significant Person”

Have You fallen into the SIGNIFICANCE TRAP?

Comment below!

Kudos to your Empowerment!

Richa Chaturvedi

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