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Strategies to Wandering Mind!

“We wander and linger around thoughts and feelings that aren’t nurturing“ – Richa Chaturvedi

Do you want to calm your mind to help lead from a wandering state to a peaceful state?

There’s a saying in Hindi “Mann toh chanchal hai” (your mind is a wanderer). At some point or other, we all have been through a state of mind when we are unable to concentrate and focus thus, leading to chaos. Chaos because we have limited control over what’s happening around us and rather no control over what’s happening inside us. Here I am not saying that our thoughts and feelings are a problem, but I am of course saying that the meaning we attach to them is definitely an issue. Embracing negativity and negative thoughts create disruptive emotions that lead to our mind going out of control. But how do we control the wanderer inside us? Let’s see some strategies –

👉🏻You need to figure out which thought or feeling is actually causing chaos inside you. Bifurcate the thoughts from feeling because until you don’t do this, you will experience intense emotions. Just focussing on thoughts will be more neutral, natural and will help you keep yourself in control.
👉🏻Label your chaotic thoughts as judgement, unnecessary worry, or a lie etc… Until you don’t label you won’t put them on the table to thrash them completely. To bring objectivity, it is important to label the thoughts and shame them.
👉🏻Return to the starting point, i.e. to the original thought and feeling. Spiralling thought and feeling blind-fold our mind and we are unable to see the situation clearly.
👉🏻Acknowledge and let that thought pass, because you can’t be accommodating each and every negative spiral inside you as it might destroy you.
👉🏻Feel the energy flowing inside you and see where it is being stressed more. Figuring out the stressors in your body can help you know the negative impact on a certain point. Release it purposefully from that zone to calm yourself down towards a peaceful mind.
👉🏻Practice self-compassion. Nurture and nourish yourself well and make sure you say “I love myself” to embrace the bond you share with yourself.

Understand that all thoughts are essential and part of you but when go into spralling emotion that takes our brain out of control towards becoming a wanderer. To control our mind we need to control the feelings associated to our thoughts.

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Kudos to your Empowerment!

Richa Chaturvedi

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