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What Challenges that makes you an Effective Leader !!!

What challenges make an effective leader?

“Challenges are spices of life that makes our multi-cuisine life interesting and worth indulging” – Richa Chaturvedi

Challenges of life come to test your potential and take your game up to the next level. The way you handle Challenges, that decides whether you are a leader or a loser. Many times we go through situations where we are at the passive front and criticise the person on the active front and say “ If i would have been there things could have been much better”. But seriously think about it, it is easy to criticise someone then to be actually on that front fighting, strategizing and bouncing back to fight yet again a battle of life.

 So what are these challenges that are critical for you overall development to make or break you as a leader – 

  1. Simplify Complexities – Whenever a problem or a critical situation approaches, what solutions do you chalk out? Are the solutions easy to understand and implement or are they complex to even understand, forget about implementing. You capacity to decide over the solution of the problem examines your ability to evaluate a situation. The simpler the solution to the critical situation, better are your leadership capacities. I read this somewhere “Simplicity is the highest form of sophistication”, believing it makes so much sense.
  2. Focus on Culture – These days as the scenarios are changing and our understanding of normalcy as well is changing, having a conductive culture is a priority for every leader of the world. It is easier said than done. Many leaders talk about the culture of their business, but are seriously focussing on that culture. If yes then there is still cut-throat politics happening, why people aren’t ready to accept the responsibilities easily. This is because they are afraid that if they come into the limelight then they’ll be butchered. Culture can be there as an artefact and somewhere it is part of the espoused values. Your ability as a leader is showcased through the conductive culture’s depth in the organisation.
  3. Team Spirit – That’s cliche, but actually true. Your ability as a leader gets better if you drive a team that is focused and committed towards the end goal.
  4. Keeping the drive to innovate and invent high – As a leader this is a biggest challenge to keep the spirit of your team high towards a culture of innovation and invention. As a leader this is continuous and ongoing, so if you get tired then everything else goes for a toss.
  5. Vision into the future -If you can envision the future challenges and prepare plan A and subsequent plan B’s, then believe me you are much sorted. But is that easy, I guess no. All leaders at one or the other point go through Visionary Myopia. How far can you save yourself from this, that makes you an effective leader.
  6. Staying positive and realistic bothe at one time is a daunting task – As a leader your biggest test to stay positive in your outlook yet have a realistic preview to guide your team towards the uncertain future and challenging situations. It is like walking on a rope without support.

This insight isn’t only for those who criticise others but for those as well who are firefighting on the front.

Wisdom advice here – Don’t think that you have matured your skill-set because realistically you can never perfect but yes you can excel everyday.

Kudos to your Identity!

Richa Chaturvedi

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