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You and Your Ikigai – Application! (Part 4 of 4)

“You can live today, in this moment right! Make use of this moment to make this world a better place“ – Richa Chaturvedi

Ikigai in practice helps you meet yourself on the go as it aligns you to 4 Purusharthas. It is applicable to you, your friends, family, personal and professional life. In order to determine your IKIGAI, figure out –

What you love the most – Your passions! Things which are nearer to your heart, your hobbies and things which give you immense pleasure and happiness like writing, creating videos, taking photos, painting, dancing, baking cakes or even collecting stamps etc.

What you are good at – Your Profession! Your hobbies which can be converted into a profession. Things which you know that can actually turn some tables around. Things where your natural flair and talent lies! It can be a skill that is your USP like public speaking, writing, videography, computer skills etc…

What you can get paid or rewarded for – Towards your ikigai, what’s that one thing that can add value to your life and can generate a by-product of actions – MONEY! Your IKIGAI should ideally be something that can support your and your family needs and can help you with your survival needs.

What the world needs – If you can provide something that the world is craving for then it becomes your ultimate mission and life purpose. If your actions can make this world a better place, then what can be best! Your ikigai can bring happiness to others’ lives too.

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Kudos to your Empowerment!

Richa Chaturvedi

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