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You and Your Ikigai – Commandments! (Part 3 of 4)

“Principles of life are pro-actions to life. If you follow, success follows you or else misery” – Richa Chaturvedi

IKIGAI – A guide to happy life, contentment and above all a life with a purpose to pursue. With the changing world and people, it is important that you realise the importance of embracing the roots. We feel lost these days, it feels like we are starting to be humans all over again!!! So that now we are starting afresh, let us start with new programing of our systems towards a long, happy and contented life with 10 Life principles of IKIGAI –

👉🏻Stay Active and Don’t Retire – When we do what we love, we love what we do!!! Your mind, body and soul is more in tandem with each other when we pursue things that we love the most and our life purpose, we feel more happy and contented. There’s life in every moment and if that moment is invested into our life purpose, then it gives so much meaning to our existence. So keep doing whatever your life purpose and keep adding value to people’s life.

👉🏻Take it Slow and Easy – Today the humans are somewhat busy in a rat race. We have forgotten the age old mantra of our ancestors galloping the moments of life reduces the quality of life. Why can’t we take things slow and easy, so that we enjoy what we have and we have achieved. When we run in haste we actually do it take time to enjoy this moment of happiness and small win. We really do not see what led to this moment and when we really do not reflect, we do create an upward winning spiral.

👉🏻Don’t Overload your Stomach – We millennials are so in haste that we overload ourselves with food to recharge our dropping dopamine levels. It isn’t just about our plate but also about the plate of life. We have filled it with so many things and tasks that we have stopped living life rather we are literally hogging life. If you want to enjoy life, declutter the plate of life, make space for happiness and see how this space fills you with contentment.

👉🏻Get surrounded with good friends and relationships – Your company defines you! That’s so true! If you surround yourself with people who believe in moving ahead, growth and success, who are vibrating at higher frequencies then they tend to uplift you and your vibrations too. Surround yourself with such people who help you in your journey up the ladder rather than down the cliff!

👉🏻Get in shape – Your body is your temple! The more you take care of your physical health, the more you will be in alignment within yourself. Your body needs some type of exercise to release toxic and happy hormones. More you take care of your body, the more it will take care of your internal health including mind and soul.

👉🏻Smile – Smile is infectious! The more you smile, the more happiness it adds to your life and the life of people around you. A cheerful attitude is relaxing and adds a new lease of happiness in everyone’s life.

👉🏻Reconnect with Nature – Mother nature is a healer to our wounded souls! We humans also belong to this mother nature. The more we interact with her, the better our alignment of mind-body-soul is. Use your 5 senses to communicate and cleanse your system for it to work smoothly.

👉🏻Show Gratitude – Say thanks today, tomorrow and everyday! Say thanks to people who support, help and serve you. This way you are actually giving signal to teh universe that you are appreciative of it at every bit and hence are eligible to receive more and more with grace.

👉🏻Live in this moment – Acknowledging the power of the present! Life is in this moment, right now and right in this moment. Why do we seek to live it later when we make it big? We will make it big when we know what to make today.

👉🏻Follow your IKIGAI – Thats your Karma – Dharma – Artha – Moksha! Your Purushartha is waiting for you to take action and take action right now at this moment. Do not delay because every moment you delay, you are getting misaligned!

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Kudos to your Empowerment!

Richa Chaturvedi

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