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You and Your Ikigai – Pillars! (Part 2 of 4)

“Your Life is ruled by your aspirations and the possibilities lie in your hands!” – Richa Chaturvedi

The world today seems to be in a certain kind of haste, anxious, stressed, lost focus above all forgotten to be human. This situation is beyond our control, thus, we are surrendering to this demon every day. Happiness, Wellness, Wellbeing and Motivation has increasingly becoming a priority for individuals, societies and businesses, especially post Covid. We all are looking forward to living a life that’s more meaningful, satisfying, enjoyable and filled with gratitude. With the current uncertainties, it is time to take a pause and reflect upon our life practices and principles. It feels there is something wrong with the default setting inside us. So today we immerse in the knowledge gained through IKIGAI – 5 Pillars of Life –

5 Pillars

👉🏻Starting small – Take small steps for a big impact! Small steps have the power to take you miles ahead towards your IKIGAI. They are less taxing in terms of energy and much more satisfying and relaxing that we are living which is worth spending. No need to take leaps, because leaps might result in mounting stress and anxieties which not everyone will have the calibre of manage on the go…

👉🏻Releasing yourself – Release yourself from Negativity! Release from thoughts that the tasks or life is so difficult and troublesome. Rather inculcate positivity. Think positively that how are you adding value. How the things surrounding you are adding value. Remove all your biases and preconceived notions. Embrace the diversity with an open mind.

👉🏻Harmony and sustainability – State of being true to oneself helps in sustaining for a longer period of time! – Accept more of who you are at the core and your IKIGAI. Acceptance helps in reducing stress arising out internal conflicts which might ruin our chances to sustain and grow.

👉🏻The joy of little things – Happiness lies in small joys of life! We have attuned ourselves to haste so much that we often forget to see the finer lines. These finer lines are basically our opportunities to increase the overall wealth of life – Happiness!

👉🏻Being in the moment here and now – Acknowledging the power of present! Life is in this moment, right now and right in this moment. Why do we seek to live it later when we make it big. We will make it big when we know to make today.

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Kudos to your Empowerment!

Richa Chaturvedi

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