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Your Attitude Creates an Atmosphere!

“Your attitude creates an atmosphere that can be conducive to growth or else aversive!” – Richa Chaturvedi

When I was in grade 11, I remember my teacher telling us this in value education class that your attitude creates an atmosphere that can either help you to grow or it will give you enough reasons to stay. I couldn’t get this back then but now this seems so true. Your atmosphere is the result of your attitude. So if you feel light and great, believe me you are endorsing positivity through your attitude. But if you feel stressed, not appreciated and tensed then believe me your attitude is lacking somewhere.

But how do we frame our attitude?
Your thoughts frame your attitude. The way you think, feel and respond frames and reflects your attitude which you are continually communicating with the external stimulus.

With our attitude we create an environment that can be progressive or regressive by nature! So suddenly, if you feel not so great in someone’s presence, just know that their attitude towards you just changed. Here your gut plays a vital role. People in power have an immense influence on the people in their environment. Their attitude builds or breaks them. That’s why it is important for the Head of the Family, Captain of the Ship, CEO of the business to stay calm and positive even if the crisis is standing tall in front of them. This is mainly their attitude that will define the success or failure of the teams or family members through that adverse situation.

This kind of an attitude isn’t instantaneous to achieve. It takes years of patience, persistence, positive outlook and hard work for the heads or leaders to develop through various life situations.

Your team will stand by you when you value and appreciate them through their differences, present a conducive environment that is open and where their learnings are embraced more than their mistakes are punished. But unfortunately 80% of the families and organisations don’t pay any head to this fact resulting in their failures.

Tips for creating Positive Attitude towards building positive Atmosphere –

Positive mindset makes the impossible possible.
Stay mindful of the negative emotions, thoughts and feelings. Keep checking and correcting, so positivity becomes your default setting.
Practice courage to choose positivity over negativity.
Practice grit to make your subconscious powerful towards what you want and how you want. Your results lie in your thoughts.
Make your home and office spaces vibrant that attracts more positive energy and keeps the negative energies at bay.
Always keep a People centric approach, your tasks will fall in place automatically.

One thought can change the whole environment, what thought it should be, you have the power to choose. Comment below!
Kudos to your Empowerment!

Richa Chaturvedi

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