Lawyers handcuffed at police station

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Date :14-3-2023 between 9:15 pm -9:30 pm The complainant Prithviraj Zala, is a lawyer in business, and the complainant had arrived at Kandivali Police Thane in a statement from the woman for causing a car accident on the Kandivali Police Thane border with the woman in his introduction.The female officer present in the Thane official room asked the complainant to stop outside. Accordingly, the complainant stopped outside a little while.If someone had gone to the Thane-assigned cell for calling them inside for a while, some more complainants present there were other witnesses who raised their hands on the complainant Arraj Bela at the police station by the police officer API Hemant Gite Kana hit under.Even after the complainant Agriaz Bela said I am a lawyer, the police officer paid the complainant “ to take you to the lawyers for all the time and shows you in the upper remand room ”. The complainant then called the Bhirajaraj to the police station by calling the joint secretary of the Borivali Bar Association, Dubey.After a few more lawyers were at the police station in a short time, he asked seniors about the case, where a tense atmosphere arose for some time.

Meanwhile, PSI Vilas Thackeray, who was present there, also tried to stop the case by defending it.The police later tried to recover the case in connection with the fact that you were all this in a civil dress to the complainant.Shortly afterwards, Senior Inspector Dinker Jadhav of Kandivali Police Station discussed with lawyers in his cabin

    But lawyer Earthraj Bea expressed outrage over the case with the Borivali Bar Association.Accordingly, since morning on 16/03/2023, all lawyers in the Borivali Session Court area have protested the actions of the police by being black-faced and present together.Police were also given a police coup there to avoid some inappropriate type

Meanwhile, our representatives have called for a FIR record on the relevant convicted officer, protesting the type that happened when they spoke to Rajesh More and Joint Secretary Wipin Dubey, President of the Borivali Bar Association.It is also said that the Protection Act for Lawyers on behalf of the Bar Association will lift the issue to pass the law to protect lawyers by enforcing the Maharashtra.Speaking to the complainant Agriaz, he d.C.P Zone 11 as well as the Mumbai Police Commissioner also said in writing that the complaint was filed.

This incident is taking seriously, according to the order of DCP Zone 11 Ajay Kumar Bansal, API Hemant Gite at Kandivali Polis Thane has been asked to attend Zone 11 office from Kandivali Police Station.Also, ACP Shalendra Dhivar of the Malpani department has been asked to submit the report to Zone 11 office in 7 days with a thorough investigation of the matter.

Umesh Solanki

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