Congress is continuously ignoring Muslims in Karnataka Muhammad Sulaiman.

Aligarh (Staff Reporter) National President of Indian National League, Muhammad Sulaiman, has said in his statement that Muslims are being discriminated against by the Congress government in Karnataka, while the silence of Muslim members of the assembly on Muslim issues in the assembly. It is not only sad but it is proving to be criminal. He said that if the Muslim members of the assembly have any time to break their silence and raise their voice on the problems of Muslims in the assembly, then they should speak openly, resign and give a chance to others. Muhammad otherwise moral responsibility. Sulaiman said that 4 Muslim members of the assembly were elected as Muslim representatives and sent to the assembly, but all the Muslim members of the assembly were not the voice of the Muslims but their own. They are silent for the sake of interests and the Muslim MLAs are neither ready to discuss the problems of Muslims in the assembly nor dare to speak in the party forum. In such a situation, their complete political silence is questioned and especially when Bhakar Bhatt, the leader of the Sangh, used offensive words against Muslim women, even then there was no reaction from the member of assembly, Kuniz Fatima. He said that in contrast to about 5.5 million Muslim voters across the state, Muslims are ignoring about 88 percent of Muslims and voted for Congress and other sections voted for Congress. Despite this, the Congress is not serious about the promises made in the election manifesto and the resolution of Muslim-Muslim problems.. ।


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